Trusted and Flexible Landlord Services

AGP recognises the need for landlords to have a regular return on their property. It is in our interest to ensure that your property is rented out as quickly as possible, and our aim is to build a trusted relationship with you.

Our Services Include:

  • Legal Compliance in all areas (including Landlord Registration; Landlord Gas Safety Certificate; EICR; EPC; PATS; Interlinked Smoke/Heat Detectors; and CO Detectors).
  • Monthly financial statements via PayProp as well as a dedicated ‘real time’ update via Owners Portfolio App.
  • Vetting Checks (including Landlord; Employment; Character and Financial, if requested).
  • Inventories (detailed through iSurvey including fresh photographs at the beginning of each new tenancy evidencing the condition on entry and Check Out at the end of a tenancy).
  • Monthly financial statements (Duplication - Remove)
  • Deposit registration and management
  • PRT (Private Residential Tenancy agreements).
  • Fair rent evaluation.
  • Property Inspections (Bi-Annual)
  • Access to professional and competitive contractors; (including carrying out a tender exercise, if required, to ensure contractors remain competitive).
  • Excellent communication.
  • Marketing via Lettingweb and Zoopla

Making Property Maintenance a Breeze

Over the years AGP has taken on a number of software packages to enhance our service for landlords. These include:


A property maintenance software to allow transparent and effective communication for planned maintenance, as well as the unexpected!


For accurate and up to date key management.


For automatic financial reconciliation for consistent and up to date statements for landlords at their immediate disposal. Owners can also download the Owners Portfolio App which keeps them up to date in ‘real time’. PayProp is continually improving their services for landlords; agents; and tenants alike.


For electronic inventory and inspection management. This software keeps photographs and text detailing properties in the one document.


DocuSign is an electronic signature software which enables us to sign Private Management Agreements (PMAs) with owners within a few clicks, as well as sign our PRTs (Private Residential Tenancy Agreements) with tenants and/or their Guarantors. This allows us to speed up the signing up process, as well as allow flexibility for tenants and owners alike.

Can We Do Better?

AGP is constantly looking to expand their portfolio and welcome the opportunity to discuss with new landlords how best we can accommodate their requirements.

What Do I Need to Know as A Landlord?

Safety legislation requirements in the property industry are regularly reviewed and upgraded by the Scottish Government, therefore it is crucial that landlords are aware of their obligations and that they are adhering to current standards at all times. This is where AGP assist you in your legal obligations.

Current safety regulations applicable to all properties:

  • Gas Safety Certificate – An annual test needs to be carried out on all gas appliances in a property including gas boiler, gas hob and gas heaters. This is a legal requirement in all properties which have gas appliances. AGP has negotiated discounted 24/7 Gas Central Heating Maintenance Plans with two local companies. AGP Landlords benefit 100% from that discount.
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) – Test on the condition of the electrical installations, fixtures and fittings carried out every 5 years. AGP has negotiated a discounted rate for EICRs and AGP Landlords benefit 100% from that discount.
  • Portable Appliance Test (PATs) – This used to be an annual test, however, can now be incorporated into an EICR check. This test is to ensure electrical appliances such as items such as kettles and toasters provided by the landlord are safe for tenants to use. AGP has negotiated a discounted rate for PATs and AGP Landlords benefit 100% from that discount.
  • Legionella – Test to assess the risk of exposure to Legionella Bacteria in the water systems. The bacteria can be found in hot and cold-water systems, storage tanks, pipe work, taps and showers. AGP has negotiated a discounted rate for Legionella checks and AGP Landlords benefit 100% from that discount.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – Legal requirement for all properties carried out every 10 years or after major changes to the property and provides an energy efficiency rating of the property. AGP has negotiated a discounted rate for EPC and AGP Landlords benefit 100% from that discount.
  • Smoke Detectors (within the Lounge; Hallway (Lower and Upper, if applicable); and any Common Rooms), Heat Sensors (Kitchen) & CO Detectors (where boiler and any gas appliance is located) are mandatory.

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