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Who We Are

AGP was first established in 1990 by the late Ann McIntosh upon her return to Dundee after emigrating to Canada in her late teens. Those who knew Ann, knew she was a feisty character with a great love for her family, and her dogs.

An interesting fact about AGP, is that Angus and Glen were much loved dogs of Ann’s and fit well into the theme of the area when deciding to create and name the business.



Following Ann’s passing in 2009, her niece, Lynn, took over the business whilst simultaneously juggling a job with Tayside Police. Lynn quickly became engaged in the business and has been the owner and main driving force behind AGP and has firmly established herself as a well-versed property manager with fantastic links with Dundee City Council and a great team of contractors throughout the years.



Having undertaken his undergraduate and Master’s degrees, Euan McIntosh joined AGP in the family business and is now a full time enthusiastic property manager from early 2020.



Lastly, Robert Franks, Lynn’s partner, has recently become involved more formally by getting involved with project management and inspection duties.

Contractors We Use:

 AGP use the following contractors regularly. This is not an exhaustive list any we hope to add more in years to come:

With fantastic reviews which you can find here.

Dundee Joinery Ltd

Derek Walker Ltd

Colin Peddie

Paul Johnstone

Laings Domestic Appliance

ADF Domestic Repairs

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