Repairs and Responsibilities


Reporting of a repair has never been easier for a tenant. All tenants receive a welcome to the software package Fixflo at the beginning of their tenancy.

This platform then allows tenants, landlords, contractors, and agents to communicate effectively and ensure all parties aware of any issue. All mandatory certificates pertinent to your property are also held on this platform and can be easily accessed by all parties.

Managed by Fixflo

Once a tenant logs a repair on Fixflo, AGP are immediately alerted and will instruct a contractor, or consult with the owner, if necessary, via the Fixflo platform. Tenants are then able to see exactly where the issue sits.

We ask that you DO NOT instruct a contractor to undertake any work. If you do, you may make yourself liable for payment. Please note, however, that properties covered by WRB Gas Gold Star Plan and SEA Ltd HomeFix plan can contact these companies directly as per your Welcome Letter.

Further Information

AGP and their contractors have excellent response times on repairs. We also provide tenants with contractors’ contact details to allow them to engage and arrange at a time convenient to them.

Tenants can also give permission for the emergency key to be used if they cannot accommodate access, however we emphasise that access to your property is always authorised by you.

Rent Payments


Pay your rent easily and on time with PayProp.


There are some small repairs that tenants are responsible for carrying out such as changing light bulbs, fuses and re-pressurising the boiler.

Here’s a List of DIY Repairs Suitable for Tenants:

  • Replacing light bulbs.
  • Replacing batteries in smoke alarms, doorbells and thermostats.
  • Tightening loose screws, for example in door handles.
  • Checking fuses when they trip and replacing where required.
  • Bleeding radiators.
  • Cleaning of mould if formed and washing it down with a mould removal solution and monitoring its return.
  • Re-pressurising the boiler.

End of Tenancy

It is important that the move out process runs as smoothly as possible for all parties. You can find your Exit Guidance within your lease paperwork provided to you on formal offer and signing of the lease. This is provided to help guide you through the final stages and assist in the collection of your full deposit.

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